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Business planning and transactions practice involves creating, organizing, governing as well as buying, selling and dissolving business entities.

Business law covers a wide variety of topics relating to the law of agency, corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, franchises, and limited liability companies. It involves such issues as fiduciary relationships, closely held corporations, shares and stockholders, directors and officers, dissolution and receivership, franchise relationships, management duties and liabilities, mergers and acquisitions, securities, and antitrust.

Business planning and transactions is non-adversarial. Those facing conflicts should browse commercial litigation and labor law topic pages.

Recent Georgia Supreme Court Decisions:

Top Rated Business Planning and Transactions Resources:

Individuals may represent themselves in legal matters. Self-help should be considered when possible adverse consequences are relatively modest.

#1 In Corporate Transactions Will Insurance Follow the Liabilities?: By Attorneys Michael Ginsberg and Ian Lupson of Jones Day. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#2 Director Fiduciary Duties After Sarbanes-Oxley: From Kilpatrick Stockton LLP. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#3 Small Captive Insurance Companies Create Tremendous Insurance and Tax Benefits: By Attorneys Matthew J. Howard and Jennifer A. Ringsmuth. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#4 Climate Change and Carbon Management Blog: From Alston & Bird. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#5 In House Corporate Counsel Blog: From FindLaw (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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ADR Options for Business Planning and Transactions:

    Alternative dispute resolution is not applicable or available for Business Planning and Transactions.

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Additional Resources:

Our legal community-driven guide highlights the most relevant, timely, and useful links available.

#6 From Hiring To Firing: Small Business legal information. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#7 Copyright Protection for Fashion Designs: By Attorneys Lisa Pearson, Lauren Estrin and Laura Miller. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#8 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Energy-Related Appropriations: Jones Day White Paper (updated June 1, 2009) (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#9 The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation: Frequently updated blog. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#10 American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009: Description of Key Business Provisions: A Jones Day White Paper. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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