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#1 Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Georgia
Description: Includes new, legislative action info. Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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#2 DWI Defense Blog
Description: A great resource for the changing laws, science, and defense strategies of DWI and drunk driving defense. Suggested by Attorney Jason A Korner
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#3 Did the Federal Drinking Age Law Save Lives?
Description: Academic article by Jeffrey Miron, Elina Tetelbaum. Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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#4 Team Georgia
Description: A safe and sober driving coalition. Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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#5 A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver
Description: Academic article by David Strayer, Dennis Crouch, Frank Drews Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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#6 Gwinnett Defense Attorney
Description: Aggressive. Dedicated. Experienced. Suggested by Attorney Ramon Alvarado
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#7 The Gwinnett DUI Lawyer
Description: Aggressive DUI Attorney Suggested by Attorney Norman H. Cuadra
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#8 Changes in the Law vs. Changes in the Penalties: An Application to Blood Alcohol Content Limits
Description: Academic article by Craig Depken. Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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#9 Twelve Unnecessary Men: The Case for Eliminating Jury Trials in Drunk Driving Cases
Description: Academic article by Adam Gershowitz. Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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#10 Gwinnett DUI Lawyer
Description: UGALawDawg Suggested by Attorney Russell T. Bryant
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#11 Optimal Drunk Driving Penalty Structure
Description: Academic article by Darren Grant. Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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#12 Georgia DUI Blog
Description: From Attorneys Rob Leonard and Allen Trapp. Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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#13 Approved DUI/Defensive Driving Schools
Description: From the GA DDS. Suggested by CLS Webmaster
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