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ADR Services for Domestic Relations Cases in Georgia


Whether you and your significant other have been ordered to mediate by a court system or have voluntarily decided to try settling your dispute outside of the courts, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. We know that you have a choice of professionals and are honored you are considering us. We value your confidence and strive to provide services that we consider the finest available in our field.

Our domestic relations mediators are carefully screened and highly qualified. All are committed to helping individuals settle their differences fairly and efficiently.

Mediated Settlement Agreements

Mediation is a flexible process. Parties may mediate with or without attorney representation. Parties may mediate while a divorce petition or other domestic relation litigation is pending or before engaging the legal process.

The primary issues to be resolved when a couple without minor children divorce include:
  • Separation;
  • Payment of Alimony;
  • Property Division; and
  • Responsibility for Debts
A mediator can help parties resolve these issues and other matters which are relevant to your circumstances.

When a couple with minor children divorce, the issues to be resolved in a settlement agreement include:
  • Separation;
  • Child Custody;
  • Visitation;
  • Co-Parenting Rights;
  • Child Support, Health Insurance, and Health Care Expenses;
  • Payment of Alimony;
  • Property Division; and
  • Responsibility for Debts
A complete settlement agreement with minor children would incorporate a visitation schedule, completed child support worksheets and a parenting plan. A mediator can help parties resolve these issues and other matters which are relevant to your circumstances.

Mediated Modification, Support, Contempt and Other Domestic Relations Cases

Some domestic relations disputes arise months or years after a couple has divorced due to changed circumstances or as a result of one party’s failure to follow a court order. You may attempt to resolve modification and contempt claims through mediation.

Many children are born out of wedlock, raising issues of custody, support, visitation and other co-parenting rights between unmarried couples. Mediation can help unmarried couples resolve these domestic relations issues.

What Happens After Mediation

While reaching a settlement agreement can resolve some or all areas of dispute between a divorcing couple, only a superior court judge can decree a couple divorced. If parties reach a mediated settlement agreement, they have an "uncontested divorce." Courts require documents to be filed in addition to a settlement agreement to complete an uncontested divorce with or without children.

If you reach a mediated settlement, you or your attorney can help you put the terms of the settlement into the right forms to complete your uncontested divorce filing. In some cases, the parties may want a short period of time following mediation to have an attorney review their mediated settlement agreement.

If you have mediated before hiring an attorney and would like to have an experienced attorney prepare and file the forms required for an uncontested divorce, The Center for Legal Solutions can provide you the names, resumes, and rate information of several law firms that file uncontested divorces at competitive, flat rates.

If you are unable to reach a settlement through mediation, you can always resort to an adversarial solution. Georgia has recently authorized arbitration of domestic relations cases and Superior Courts are open to hear most domestic relations matters.

How Much It Costs, How Long It Takes

The time required to mediate a divorce varies, but averages about 3 hours if no children are involved and 5 hours when children are involved. Our mediators charge varying rates for their time and you are encouraged to browse individual mediator profiles for rate information. There is a three-hour minimum charge for mediation sessions.

If the parties want an attorney to complete the process by filing their mediated settlement agreement as part of an uncontested divorce, we can provide names of experienced attorneys who file uncontested divorce petitions at competive, flat rates.

The total cost for a divorcing couple without children, including an attorney to file the mediated settlement and the court costs, will average less than $1,000; with children, the total cost will average less than $1,500. The cost is typically shared equally by the parties.

Mediation sessions can be scheduled at the convenience of the parties. Working couples can schedule weekend sessions. Some couples complete mediation in one session; other couples continue their mediation to another day in order to think things over or gather necessary information.

If you have questions about The Center for Legal Solutions that are not answered on this web site, feel free to e-mail your question to questions@centerforlegalsolutions.org and we will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

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