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Hybrid Mediation-Arbitration Service


The Center for Legal Solutions offers a hybrid mediation-arbitration service that provides parties an opportunity to reach a voluntary settlement to some or all issues in dispute with a back-up method of resolving issues that the parties are unable to settle voluntarily.

To utilize this service, parties would agree to mediate then arbitrate any issues not resolved through mediation. Mediating first may result in complete settlement or at least narrowing the issues to be decided through arbitration.

For example, divorcing parents with children could agree to utilize the med-arb service to resolve all issues related to their divorce. They would first mediate with one of The Center for Legal Solutions' domestic relations mediators. If the parties were able a mediated settlement with respect to child custody, support, visitation and alimony only, unsettled issues such as division of marital property and responsibility for debts would be resolved by an arbitrator.

Our med-arb service can also be used to resolve commercial disputes. For example, two businesses may utilize mediation in an effort to resolve a contractual dispute. If mediation does not result in a complete settlement, their final offers in mediation may serve as high and low figures for arbitration. If the parties reach a partial settlement, arbitration may be limited to unresolved matters.

For additional information on The Center for Legal Solutions' mediation services, please consult the following pages: For further information on arbitration services, please refer to our Overview of Arbitration Services.

Justice is Served

All of The Center for Legal Solutions' mediators have a tremendous amount of subject matter experience and can help parties realistically assess the risks of trial. While the risks and rewards of trial are certainly not the only factor in negotiating settlement, we believe that many parties look to the law to determine what is fair and just.

Mediation-Arbitration is a flexible process. Parties may proceed with or without attorney representation. Parties may proceed while litigation is pending or before engaging the legal process.

How Much It Costs, How Long It Takes

The time required to mediate depends upon the complexity of the issues involved, how willing to parties are to engage the process and the number of parties involved. According to our research, the average length of mediation is about three hours and the parties should expect to commit at least three hours to the mediation process. Mediation sessions can be scheduled at times that are convenient to all parties.

If parties are unable to reach a complete settlement through mediation, their unsettled issues would be referred to arbitration. Arbitrations are structured to proceed in stages that allow parties to identify issues and prepare for a hearing where they make arguments and present evidence to a neutral arbitrator. In most cases, the arbitration process will take three months or less. Arbitration generally takes far less time than courtroom litigation, but does require preparation, a hearing and deliberation by the arbitrator. If the issues not settled through mediation are complex, involve numerous parties or involve minor children, additional time is allowed or required.

Our neutrals charge varying rates for their time spent mediating and arbitrating and you are encouraged to browse individual neutral profiles for rate information. The cost is typically shared equally by the parties.

If you have questions about The Center for Legal Solutions that are not answered on this web site, feel free to e-mail your question to questions@centerforlegalsolutions.org and we will do our best to respond within 48 hours.


Barry Edwards Hybrid Mediation-Arbitration: An Effective Combination
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