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Information about Alternative Dispute Resolution
There are a variety of ADR methods available to help individuals and organization resolve legal problems. We have designed this page to outline frequently utilized ADR services and provide links to further information about each method.
  • Mediation: Mediation is a recommended approach to resolving legal disputes before resorting to adversarial litigation. Mediation is a flexible process. Parties may mediate with or without attorney representation. Parties may mediate while a divorce petition or other domestic relation litigation is pending or before engaging the legal process.

  • Arbitration: Arbitration is generally less expensive and time consuming than traditional litigation. Georgia law authorizes arbitration of a wide range of disputes.

  • Hybrid Mediation-Arbitration: Hybrid mediation-arbitration provides parties an opportunity to reach a voluntary settlement of some or all issues in dispute followed by arbitration of issues that the parties are unable to settle voluntarily.

  • Case Evaluation: Case evaluation is an alternative dispute resolution method that is useful in the early stages of litigation.

  • Discovery Audits or Masters: Discovery auditing service is available for litigated cases to help resolve complex discovery issues effectively.

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