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Resolution Rates of Superior Court-Connected ADR Programs

This chart is based on data collected and compiled by the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution. It shows the percentage of cases reaching any type of settlement (full or partial) in mediations administered by superior court programs. We hope that presenting this data in user-friendly form will help those interested in this field.


The State Court Programs settlement rate (pink line) is dramatically impacted in 2005 by the addition of cases from the 9th JAD State Court Medation Program. In 2005, the first year of reported state court data from 9th JAD, there were 317 full or partial settlement in 327 cases (a 97% settlement rate).

Taking note of the exceptional state court results from 9th JAD in 2005, the overall settlement rates by type of court appear to remain fairly stable over time. Juvenile and Magistrate Court cases appear to settle through mediation at relatively high rates. The settlement rates in Probate and Superior Court cases appear in a middle range. The relatively small number of Probate Court cases being mediated accounts for the apparent variability of the settlement rate of Probate Court cases (the yellow line). Settlement rates are relatively low in State Court Mediation Programs.


This table is limited to superior court ADR programs that administer more than 100 cases per year. Some data was not available (DeKalb 1997, Gwinnett 1998, Coweta 2004 excluded due to likely recording error).

No data for 2006 and 2007 is available from GODR. The office reports its work has been limited by staff and budget cuts.

The settlement rates of Superior Court Mediation Programs are fairly consistent over time. The Southern JAD reports a relatively high rate of settlement through mediation whereas the Cobb Superior Court ADR Program reports a relatively low rate of settlement over the time period reflected here.

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