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Helping individuals and organizations find the right resources is key to helping them understand and solve their legal problems. There is no shortage of information; there is an abundance of information on practically any imaginable topic. The problem is finding reliable, useful resources amid the hype and waste. You can use your legal education and experience to help others find the right resources.

Part I: Please Rate these Five Links
Rate five links that have been suggested by others. Consider how relevant, timely, and useful each link is for its subject area and generally. You must examine each link for at least 10 seconds in order to rate it. Don't judge a suggestion solely on name and appearance, navigate into a site to test the depth and quality of its content.

Links Will Appear in New Window with Rating Options
Your ratings will make an immediate impact on our directory. Please consider your ratings carefully.

When You Have Rated All Five Links Proceed to Part II


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