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5-Minute Pro Bono Project

What is the 5 Minute Pro Bono Project?
The Center for Legal Solutions' 5-Minute Pro Bono Project is a non-traditional method for attorneys to fulfill their professional responsibility to provide pro bono legal services. Our 5-Minute Pro Bono Project allows attorneys to make an immediate, positive contribution to the understanding and resolution of legal problems facing individuals and organizations in Georgia. Get Started on Your 5 Minute Pro Bono Project.

You Can Find 5 Minutes for Pro Bono Service!
Attorneys are busy and time is money, but we know that you can find five minutes for pro bono service. You can do our 5 Minute Pro Bono Project whenever, wherever you want. It's a quick and simple way to help others understand and solve their own legal problems. Get Started.

We believe that attorneys would perform more pro bono legal service if they could serve at their convenience for a set period of time. The Committee on Civil Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia recently reported a survey finding that: "59.6% of non-pro bono attorneys answered 'the opportunity to work on a discrete task' would be important in encouraging non-pro bono attorneys to engage in pro bono work." The fact is that most of us want to help others, but have a very difficult time volunteering for a project that may require far more time than we expected. Non-attorneys may find it difficult to appreciate how quickly "doing a favor" for someone in need can turn into a bottomless pit fraught with expense and professional liability.

Make a Real Impact in 5 Minutes
Our 5-Minute Pro Bono Project consists of two simple tasks that any Georgia attorney should be able to complete using a networked computer and a telephone. During your 5-Minute Pro Bono Project, you will:
  1. Rate five links that have been suggested by others to help individuals and organizations understand and solve legal problems. You will be asked to consider how relevant, timely and useful each link is for its subject area. You must examine each link for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Suggest one link to improve the resources made available to individuals and organizations in any subject area. If your suggestion is already listed, you will be prompted to make another suggestion. We suggest you add a link that you find useful in a familiar practice area.
Are You Ready to Get Started on Your Project?

Get Credit for Your Work
You will receive attribution for the link for suggest. If you make a useful link suggestion, others may assume that you can also offer useful legal advice. Helping others understand a legal issue in a short message shows a prospective client that you are a legal authority that can communicate effectively. Performing pro bono service also offers intangible rewards: you can use your specialized education and skills to help others understand and solve problems and improve their lives.

We also encourage attorneys to make a public commitment to pro bono service. More information on the Pro Bono Service Pledge.

Not a Substitute for Traditional Pro Bono Service
Participation is our 5-Minute Pro Bono Project is not meant to substitute for traditional pro bono service. We hope to reach attorneys who would not otherwise participate in pro bono service. While attorneys are welcome to complete our 5-Minute Pro Bono Project more than once, it should not become any attorneys sole source of pro bono service. We would encourage other non-profit organizations to consider enabling attorneys to work on discrete tasks and would encourage attorneys to seek out such opportunities.

Our Organization Mission:
The Center for Legal Solutions is a private, non-profit dispute resolution center located in Marietta, Georgia. The Center provides efficient, reliable and fair means of resolving legal disputes ranging from personal injury claims to divorces to complex commercial disputes. We believe that a primary goal of a dispute resolution center should be to enable individuals and organizations to understand and solve their own problems; only when they cannot solve their own problems should they consider using a mediator or hiring an attorney.

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