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State and Local Requirements for
Domestic Relations Mediation in Georgia

This page is intended to detail the requirements to register as a domestic relations mediator with the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution (GCDR) and with local court-annexed ADR programs in North Metro Atlanta. All neutrals working in court-annexed programs must be registered with the GCDR. Though some local court-connected ADR programs adopt GCDR standards, others impose additional requirements so completing GCDR-approved training does not necessarily qualify a neutral to participate in a local court-connected program.

There is no mandatory registration requirement for neutrals who practice dispute resolution in a private setting like The Center for Legal Solutions. Many mediators who practice in a private setting, however, do satisfy state and local requirements for registration / certification and may participate in court-annexed programs in addition to their private practice.

Domestic Relations Mediation Registration allows a neutral to mediate court-annexed cases involving marital property, child custody, child support, visitation, alimony and related issues.

Specific State and Local Requirements:

State Requirements:
  • Must satisfy requirements for general civil mediation
  • Complete 42 hours of approved classroom training
  • Observe one domestic relations mediation and participate in two co-mediations, or complete approved 14 hour domestic relations mediation practicum
  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college
  • Good moral character

    For Cases Involving Domestic Violence:
  • Complete approved 14 hour classroom training in the subject of domestic violence
  • Provide letter of recommendation from a director of a superior court ADR program who is familiar with work as domestic relations mediator

    Fulton Superior Courts:
  • There are no specific requirements other than registration with the GODR

    Additional Clayton County Requirements:
  • Must attend an orientation program given by the court
  • Must attend the County Seminar for Parents
  • Additional Cobb Superior Court Requirements:
  • Fulfill certain specific educational and vocational requirements
  • Attend Cobb County's Seminar for Divorcing Parents - More info
  • Be evaluated in two mediations by Court Administrator or designee
  • Be approved by mediation panel including Court and Program Administrators

    Additional Dekalb Superior Court Requirements:
  • Completion of a local mentorship requirement involving the co-facilitation of 5 or more mediation sessions with members of a mentorship panel before enrollment in any additional process specific training
  • Additional completion of local mentorship requirement after successful completion of any additional process-specific training
  • A degree in law, medicine, or a graduate degree in psychology, counseling, sociology, or accounting
  • 2 years experience in the field in which an advanced degree is held
  • Additional Gwinnett Superior Court Requirements:
  • Membership in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia, a graduate degree in psychology, counseling, accounting, or conflict resolution, or a medical degree in adult or child psychiatry
  • 2 years experience as an attorney or 4 years experience in the field in which the advance degree is held if not an attorney

    Additional 7th JAD Requirements:
  • Be a member in good standing of Georgia Bar with two years experience or meet other educational and vocational requirements
  • All domestic relations mediators should complete training in subject of domestic violence
  • Agree to provide pro bono hours and reduced rates for parties with limited ability to pay

    Additional 9th JAD Requirements:
  • Be a member in good standing of Georgia Bar with two years experience or meet other educational and vocational requirements
  • Attend the Divorcing Parents Seminar used in the 9th JAD - More info

  • See State and Local Requirements for ADR Categories:

    Additional Information on State Requirements:

    Additional Information on Local Requirements:

    Neutrals Registered for Domestic Relations Mediation in Georgia
    Michael Ahlstrom
    Rodney Allen
    Sherry Anderson-Wilson
    Laura Austin
    Patricia Avé-Lallemant, LMFT
    Sherelle Baldwin
    Bruce Bennett
    Cathy Berggren
    Bob Berlin
    Deborah Blanton
    Scott Bonk
    Robert Bordett
    Tracy Brogdon
    Leah Brown
    Madeline Burgess
    Barbara Bush
    Nora Bushfield
    Gene Cantrell
    Chris Carlsten
    Brian Carney
    Angelo Carubbi
    Charles ('Chuck') Chesbro
    Ann Clanton
    Herman Clark
    Urban Cleaves
    Philip Coe
    Philip Coe
    Joaquin ('Jack') Coello
    Shalon Coffey
    Dorothy Cohen
    Harold Corbin
    Angel Cordle
    Robert Cowan
    David DeLugas
    Meredith Ditchen
    Walter Finch
    Vikki Ford
    Jon Forehand
    Elizabeth Francisco
    William Freeman
    James Friedewald
    Sally Friedman
    Georgia Geiger
    Linda Gernay
    Kimberly Gill
    Steven Gold
    Greely Graves
    Nancy Grossman
    Divida Gude
    Daniel Gulden
    Floyd Hale
    William Hale
    Geneva Hall-Dalton
    Emmett Harrod
    Melissa Heard, MSSW
    Leo Hughes
    Thomas Hurt
    Lilli Hutto
    Richard Ingram
    David Innes
    Douglas Joiner
    Timothy Keim
    William Kelley
    Arline Kerman
    Daryl Kidd
    Jeanney Kutner
    Stephen Land
    Stuart Lange
    Robert Leitch
    Tiffany Lunn
    Timothy MacMillan
    Ellen Malow
    James Martin
    Glen McDaniel
    Joseph McLaughlin
    Stuart Meyers
    Rebecca Miller Pringle
    Willis Miller
    Cynthia Murray
    Anne Myers
    Jennifer Pinson-Harvey
    Susan Raines
    Cynthia Remboldt
    Kimberly Saunders
    Marsha Schechtman
    John Schultz
    John Schultz
    Debi Selin
    I. Serrate
    Kathleen Shack, M.S., LMFT
    Diane Skinner
    Michael Tabachnick
    Lisa Taylor
    Robert Thaler
    Richard Thane
    John Tucker
    Sue Varon
    James Voelker
    Richard Voyles
    Michael Wetzel
    Tori White
    Jim Wilbanks
    Timothy Wolfe
    Jerry Wood
    William Woods
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