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Timothy  Wolfe
Timothy Wolfe, Esq.

3651 Tanglewood Dr. SE
Atlanta GA 30339-4227

(770) 435-8616
(770) 805-0494 (fax)
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Timothy Wolfe has been a licensed attorney for over 30 years. He is an Associate Judge (part-time) with Cobb County Magistrate Court and a pro tem judge with the municipal courts of Smyrna and Dunwoody. Mr. Wolfe has lectured at seminars for judges on four occasions. Prior to his judicial assignments, Mr. Wolfe maintained a private law practice representing individuals in civil and criminal trials. He is an "AV" rated attorney.

Background & Education:

Mr. Wolfe graduated from Emory University in 1975 with a bachelor of arts in political science and earned his law degree from Emory Law School in 1978. He is licensed to practice law in Georgia and Florida. Mr. Wolfe has lectured at seminars for attorneys and judges and has been published in the Georgia Bar Journal twice. In addition, Mr. Wolfe served as an Adjunct Professor of paralegal studies at Clayton College and State University.

Mediation Style:

Mr. Wolfe believes first and foremost that patience is a virtue and that different mediation tactics and approaches should be applied depending on the type of case and the litigants involved. While optimistic that most cases can be resolved through mediation, he does not believe in pushing settlements that are not feasible.

Subject Area Expertise:

Personal Injury, General Civil Mediation, Creditor Collections

Hourly Rates and Fees:

Mediation: $175 per hour (divided equally by parties)
Arbitration: $200 per hour (divided equally by parties)

Registrations for Court-Connected Mediation:

  • 7th Judicial Administrative District Mediation Program
  • Cobb Superior Court ADR Program: Civil Mediation
  • Cobb Superior Court ADR Program: Domestic Relations Mediation
  • Fulton Superior Court ADR Office
  • Gwinnett County ADR: Civil Mediation
  • Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution: Reg. No.: 1323
  • Registered for Arbitration More Info
  • Registered for Domestic Relations Mediation More Info
  • Registered for General Mediation More Info
  • Registered for Specialized Domestic Violence Mediation

  • Suggested Preparation for Mediation:

    Mr. Wolfe prefers that the parties not send any pre-mediation documents or briefs as he likes to start from a fresh perspective. At the mediation, he sometimes will want to read the pleadings or selected excerpts from depositions.

    In personal injury cases, he believes it's important that plaintiffs be prepared to quantify their damages, and often, a chart to amplify this is helpful. up-to-date medical specials and physician reports are important to resolve cases.

    Success Stories:

    Mr. Wolfe is extremely satisfied when he helps settle a case, but some cases resonate above and beyond others. Last year, he mediated a case wherein the plaintiff had entrusted defendant with restoring a vintage 1950's automobile. The plaintiff cited impropriety in the work done, and the defendant claimed substantial unpaid fees. For various reasons, the case had lingered on for over eight years with the vehicle being held in storage by defendant. The parties were extremely bitter. The chances of settlement were slim. We crafted a settlement where the plaintiff tendered title to the vehicle to defendant for a sum to be paid to plaintiff in 60 days. If this sum wasn't timely paid, the vehicle was to revert back to plaintiff with no further fees owed to defendant. Moreover, the parties left the mediation talking to each other in an amicable fashion for the first time in almost a decade!

    Publication & Presentations:

  • "Understanding and Challenging Photographic Evidence: What the Camera Never Saw" Georgia Bar Journal (Vol. 10:4)
  • "The Evidentiary Privilege as Applied to Psychological Counseling," Georgia Bar Journal (Vol. 2:2).

  • Hobbies & Interests:

    An avid photographer since high school, Mr. Wolfe belongs to two local camera clubs and has garnered over 10 ribbons from photography contests. He enjoys photographing landscapes, urban scenes and nighttime scenes. He is also a serious amateur magician and performs primarily for friends and relatives. He has been a part of "Project Magic" for 22 years and performs for hospital patients on a monthly basis.


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