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Georgia's Court-Connected ADR Programs

Frequently Used Forms for Court-Connected Mediation
  • Domestic Mediation Guidelines pdf
  • Civil Mediation Guidelines pdf
  • Mediation Report pdf

    NINTH J.A.D.
  • Mediation Guidlines pdf
  • Mediation Agreement pdf
  • Mediation Report pdf

  • Mediation Guidelines doc
  • Mediation Report doc

    SIXTH J.A.D.
  • Informed Consent & Waiver pdf
  • Mediator's Certification pdf

  • Mediation Guidelines pdf Model guidelines created by The Center for Legal Solutions, Inc. More information

    Also see Links to Metro Atlanta Court-Annexed ADR Programs
  • The Center for Legal Solutions has compiled the following links to court-connected alternative dispute resolution programs in Georgia. Some large counties operate court-connected ADR programs for some or all courts within the county. In other areas, court-connected ADR programs are administered on a regional basis. The degree to which the dispute resolution process is administered by these programs varies considerably.

    Superior and State Court Programs: Juvenile Court Programs:

    The following programs exclusively serve juvenile courts: For additional links to court-annexed ADR programs, see this directory of court-annexed ADR programs in Georgia from the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution.

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