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Finding Legal Solutions Blog

The Finding Legal Solutions Blog is our outlet for disseminating brief essays on legal dispute resolution methods. It is not a blog about mediation technique, but rather reflects our ongoing interest in the design and administration of dispute resolution systems. Alternative dispute resolution is vital to fairly and efficiently resolving legal disputes, but so are trials, appeals, and direct negotiation between parties.

We hope to engage some discussion of justice policies without being overtly political. Substantive "liberal" and "conservative" politics should have little bearing on neutral legal methods and systems. It is also our belief that the finding legal solutions requires us to hurdle the apparent divide between "big government" solutions and "market-based" solutions. Government has an obvious and necessary role in helping peacefully resolving disputes, but it is not simply a matter or more or less government. Rather, we believe in smart government: simple, fair controls applied with a minimum of cost and force.

We hope to offer some concrete suggestions for dispute resolution systems as well as provide data and tools to enable others to find legal solutions.
finding legal solutions blog

Georgia Supreme Court Blog

The Georgia Supreme Court Blog is edited and maintained by the Center for Legal Solutions. This purpose of this blog is to make the work of the Georgia Supreme Court accessible to lawyers and non-lawyers alike, provide a forum for commentary on court opinions and scholarly analysis of the court.

Our Georgia Supreme Court Blog highlights selected recent opinions of the Georgia Supreme Court. We offer summaries enhanced with multimedia and relevant links to further information, including the full text of court opinions. It is designed for non-attorneys interested in courtroom drama as well as attorneys who want to stay current on the Court's decisions.

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