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Overview of Arbitration Services


Arbitration has proven a fair and efficient alternative to courtroom litigation for disputes that the parties have been unable to resolve through negotiation or mediation. During arbitration proceedings, parties can argue their case to the arbitrator, present evidence and examine witnesses

Orderly Process for Efficient Decisions:
Arbitration offers the following benefits to participants:
  • Expedited Resolution of Disputes
  • Binding Decision by Experienced, Neutral Arbitrator
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Optional Rules for Discovery in Complex Cases
Arbitration proceedings typically proceed in an orderly manner.
Arbitration always takes place by agreement of the participants. A written agreement to arbitrate is enforceable and confers jurisdiction on the courts to enter and enforce judgment on resulting arbitration awards. Such an agreement may be made before or after a dispute arises.

Domestic Relations Arbitration
Georgia law now authorizes arbitration of all domestic relations issues arising out of a divorce or separation. Domestic relations arbitration can offer parties an efficient and private method of resolving a family break-up without trial.


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